SOIREE 29rd - Aug 9th - 2014

August 6th, 2014

Goin on 30, the 29rd Annual Pine Mountain Tacky Lawn Ornament & Pink Flamingo Soiree will happen, as it does every year, at the Resort on the Saturday closest to the Fool Moon in August. Usual guidelines apply. FOTR’s (Friends of the Resort) welcome. The T-shirts will be done tomorrow night. It will be a kindness if you bring No Glass, No Dogs, No Guns, No Pills, No One Under 21, No Bad Altitudes. It’s a labor of love & we hope you love it too. Thank you. Wiley Q

M.A.R.S. Fest - Big News

July 11th, 2014

It is happening & will be amazing. Homegrown. Camping free. Won’t take much gas. And we build for the future. Hoo - RaY ?


July 3rd, 2014

Hold her Newt she’s headin for the alfalfa — the WLR Webb Site is reactivated just in time for M.A.R.S Fest July 18 & 19 and a dip on the 20th. Check out MARSMUSICFEST & MARS Fest on Facebook. More info to come. Oh, and the 29rd Pine Mountain Tacky Lawn Ornament & Pink Flamingo Soiree is Aug 9th (always the Saturday closest to the Fool Moon in August). Stay tuned, I’m going to get the hang of this someday but thoreauly intend to wear it out till I do. Cheers ….. Wiley Quixote

Wiley’s Last Resort Webb Store Now Open!

November 20th, 2013

Webb Store

28nt Soiree Invitation Rejuvenation

August 12th, 2013

soireeThe 28nt

Pine Mountain

Tacky Lawn Ornament


Pink Flamingo Soiree

August 17th 2013

The Soiree is a Private, Invitation Only, Reunion & Fun(d) Raiser for kind, musical, natural, honest, generous, loving human beans & sharing folks who strive to make the earth a better place

beginning at home

Everyone is welcome to camp. NO DUI Camp Sites abound all over the mountain including the

Henry David Thoreaufare, Moot Point, Stoned Henge, The Din of Iniquity & Sports Bar, Muhammad Alley, Yankee Stadium, the Upper Bottom, Lester’s Flat, Lester’s Flat Jr, Pismo Beach, Tiger Woods, Gump Forest, Spotsylvania, Elmo’s Haven, Rock Bottom

Bring Sham Pain & OJ for The Fling Memorial Mimosa Brunch on Sunday.

The 15th Annual Jerry Garcia Memorial Golf Tournament

With this invitation you may bring guest(s) who agree to buy T-Shirts You must have an invitation to enter. The Walled In Pond is thoroughly existential

BYOBeverages (NO GLASS) – BYOFlashlights (NO GLASS)

All attendees, by his/her attendance, accept full & total responsibility for any thing good, bad or indifferent that may happen & will not hold WLR responsible for anything & agree to Not bring Refreshing Cold Beverages in GLASS BOTTLES Thank You All

Please bring this year’s suggested Corntribution for us all:

Solar Lights & Flying Kites

Bring a Decorated Flamingo – Win a Trophy (you have to keep the trophy)

Wiley’s Last Resort & Welding Parlor

PO Bx 666 Whitesburg KY 41858 606-633-7006

ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT 1 : NO GLASS. Please help. WLR Recycles & strives to be Barefoot Friendly. Hence, if it can be bought in aluminum or plastic it should be in aluminum or plastic. NO Exceptions. GLASS is harder to Recycle, breaks & is a pain in the butt for the Clean-up. I beseech you to not bring GLASS. If you do you will be charged $ONE Dollar per Bottle. I’ve asked for years, but from now on, this FEE will go to help keep the Soiree happening


ABS. IMPORTANT 3 : NO DOGS. WLR has Good Shepherds but they are territorial. A Dog Fight is a terrible thing.

ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT 4 : In the SPIRIT of striving together to make the World & Resort better places, we ask everyone to contribute. Thank you. I am not monetarily a rich man, but to show my appreciation, all attendees may get an R Gipe Original Soiree T-shirt for a mere donation of $35 (or more).

Anyone who does not want a shirt will make a donation of $25 or more. Donations will be accepted Thursday, Friday & Saturday & Year Round. Wrist bands must be worn throughout the Weekend. Gates Close @ 6, No vehicular Traffic after 6. Fair Enough Your help is truly appreciated Wiley Q

Support the Resort! Wiley’s Last Resort,, the Primitive Campground at the End of the Whirled

Intolerance of Any Kind Will Not BeTolerated

Soiree Invites

August 9th, 2013

Yea verily & forsooth, the invites are in the mail, huzzah, huzzah!!! Except of course for those of you I don’t have up to date addresses for. Remember, this year’s corntribution to the Yard Art Preserves - SOLAR LIGHTS & FLYING KITES. Lester’s Flat Jr awaits