Company identity

Why should you choose us, Kandoo for your adventurous trips to the mountains and hills? Here is what we need to tell you about us and at the end of this, we are sure to get your orders for your next tour plan. Adventurous trips are a little different from our regular tour plans.

We, with you, try to make it more interesting and memorable by giving you the best trekking adventure to such places that are usually not in the tour planner of many travelers.

All trekkers and adventurers at Kandoo are professionals and well experienced in handling and tackling any type of situation up there and en-route and they take all possible measures to keep and safeguard the customers at their best. This requires them to be extremely knowledgeable about the place and it is this sure and definiteness that would help them become trekkers in such important and dangerous spots.

A trip to places like the Mount Everest, Kilimanjaro, Machu Pichu is fun-filled, adventure-filled and danger-filled as well. And with us, and our professionals you will feel only the first two because the third part is taken good care by them and you will be, in all situations safeguarded.

After a thorough study about the place, the climatic conditions up there that trekkers encourage the adventure-loving customers to take the roads and even in unexpected situations, they know how to handle things well.

We are passionate adventurers who want to help people reach the top of their dreams and this passion is what triggers and strengthens us. It is this that gives us all courage and energy to handle people and situations. So with us, you will not only experience a trip to such nostalgic places but would want to get back to us for all such trips in the future.